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We are:
Jill Bedford
Sue Gorbing
Sal Hampson


Other on-line resources from changes include:

http://www.changesfoundations.net/ – an explanation and exploration of where changes is coming from in our work around internal to external community development, community empowerment and community influence. Designed as an on-line learning resource for anyone interested in community development

Working in Inclusive Ways - explores the current context regarding equalities, contains useful information and references, and provides food for thought about how your own practice impacts on communities

Reflective Practicetakes you on a journey to explore your own development as a reflective practitioner working around community engagement

Inspiring Democracy – a resource for councillors who recognise that times are changing; national policies around localism are forging a new way of working for councillors, officers and communities.

One Response to “Home”

  1. Lorna Prescott December 28, 2011 at 5:49 pm #

    Hi again

    It might be worth keeping an eye on the New Local Government Network site (http://www.nlgn.org.uk/public/) which includes publications on Health and Social Care (http://www.nlgn.org.uk/public/section/subject/health-and-social-care/).

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